Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New publication

My article "Questions in Latvian and Polish parliamentary debates: a comparative study" has just been published in the journal Lingua Posnaniensis, Volume 55 (1). The journal is available in the open-access system Versita. It may be downloaded here.

Some information about the journal:
It is an international journal published by the The Poznań Society for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland. Established in 1949, it focuses on general, comparative and historical linguistics; publishes original research articles, review articles and book reviews in four languages: English, German, French and Russian. Lingua Posnaniensis is peer-reviewed.

The abstract of my article:
This article examines the use and functions of questions in Latvian and Polish parliamentary debates from the perspective of comparative pragmatics. The research is based on a corpus of 200 utterances excerpted from transcripts of Latvian and Polish parliaments’ sittings from 2009. It uses the typology of questions in interaction developed by Illie (1999). The paper suggests that differences in the frequency and functions of questions reflect different degrees of interactionality of a debate, which is a genre that combines monologic and dialogic features. On this basis, the discourse of Polish parliamentary debates is recognized as more interactional than its Latvian counterpart.

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