Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New position at the University of Bremen

On December 1st I started a new postdoctoral fellowship at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies (FB10) at the University of Bremen, financed by the University's Central Research Development Fund.

I will work on the project entitled "Constructing femininity, masculinity and sexual identity in German, Latvian and Polish social media discourses". I am going to be a member of the Postcolonial Language Studies team led by prof. Eeva Sippola and the Institute for postcolonial and transcultural studies (INPUTS).

Here's a link to the website of the Third Bremen Conference on Language and Literature in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts held by my new institution on March 15th-18th in Bremen: BCLL#3

Website of the project: CEE-ities*.

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